Our golden ratio quartz pyramids

We manufacture the best natural crystal quartz pyramids of the world. The established relationship between the height and the side houses the well-known golden ratio or “divine proportion”, which is repeated in all the processes in nature and has been used by humanity a lot of times in the history of art and architecture, while trying to reproduce the beauty of the world.

Thanks to the golden ratio, our quartz pyramids are conceived not only as a figure of great aesthetic beauty, but they also offer high performance and easy operability in all cleaning and quartz programming processes. Excellent results are obtained when one applies energy or intentions to these pyramids due to their essential ability to amplify and harmonize.


Golden rate of the quartz pyramids
Φ = Phi (1.6180339…)


The design of our golden ratio crystal quartz pyramids and the working methods we propose are inspired by the experiences of many therapists and channelers who regularly work with quartz as well as by the extensive study of the great scientist Marcel Vogel on quartz and his amazing discoveries.
As we have such affordable prices, our golden ratio quartz pyramids are intended for people who appreciates the beauty of these quartz figures, people who want to learn to use quartz and also people who already know it and want to delve further into it.