Marcel Vogel

Marcel Vogel was born in 1917 and died in 1991 in California. He was a brilliant and prolific scientist, who at just 11 years old started doing chemical experiments in his home lab. For example, at 13 years old he was able to reproduce the synthesis that allows fireflies produce light.

He studied chemistry and physics at the University of San Francisco. He worked at night to support his career, and he never ceased to investigate on his own. He specialized in the chemichal processes of phosphorus, in luminescence and fluorescence. He published a book and created his own company (Vogel Luminescence Corporation), a pioneer in many chemical processes related to luminescence products.

He sold his company to be incorporated in IBM as a researcher. For 27 years, he acquired more than 100 patents in various fields, such as liquid crystals, magnetic storage systems, degassing of liquids, organic and inorganic photoconductivity, etc.

When he retired from IBM, he founded his own laboratory, Psychic Research, Inc, and he began his most mystical stage, without departing from science. Basically he researched quartz, and these are some of his conclusions:

  • Quartz crystals have no intrinsic power. They are sensitive and accurate tools that store the bioenergy of the person who wears or uses them. They also amplify this energy and can transmit it to a specific objective, through intention or breathing. 
  • The energy fields stored in a quartz fit the structure of water. When the energetic charge of a quartz is directed toward a body of water, an energy transfer occurs, causing a restructuring of a significant number of molecules of water to a liquid crystal state. It is possible to measure changes in the conductivity of water, hydrogen bonds, surface tension, pH, and freezing point.

The fact that 65% of the human body is water explains why our quartz pyramids establish a harmonious relationship with the people of their environment.

Additionally, Marcel Vogel found the optimal way to cut quartz crystals, for which amplification tended to achieve peak levels.

Vogel Cut.

Vogel Cut.

He found that the angle of the receiving end, according to him, receiver of universal energy, had to be 51º49’38” and the angle of the emitter tip had to be less than this.

Golden Ratio Pyramid Tip

Golden Ratio Pyramid Tip

This angle is the result of applying the golden ratio to the base of the pyramidal tip. Furthermore, it’s curiously enough the same angle of the Pyramid of Giza, in Egypt.

Golden Ratio Pyramid of Gizeh, Egypt

Golden Ratio Pyramid of Gizeh, Egypt

Our quartz pyramids meet this ratio because they are designed to capture the universal energy, or in other words, to vibrate with the energy of love.

Experience it and find out for yourself!

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