In many ancient civilizations, quartz has been considered a source of sacred and magical powers. It has been used in the diagnosis and healing of diseases, and is conducive to meditation and spiritual development activities. It has also been present in rites of various kinds, such as funeral rites and rituals to break evil spells.

This is because it resonates at the level of individual needs, amplifying the energy or the intention applied to it and communicating this energy to all levels of reality.

It is also known that all pyramids produce a force field of negative ions beneficial to health. For example, doctors in Cuba have studied the properties of pyramids at the universities of medicine, and they officially use the pyramids for many of their therapies.

Combining the power of the quartz with that of the pyramids, as they are cut and polished according to the golden ratio, our quartz pyramids are ready to be used in as many ways as there are people on earth. These quartz pyramids open the senses of the mind and the heart and allow the spirit to be transmitted and translated into the physical world.

Our pyramids maintain the pattern of energy previously applied to them with a clean, strong and durable harmonic vibration, that allows the manifestation of any fixed target. Therefore, people who use them feel that they accelerate the fulfillment of prayers and wishes, and enhance healing and spiritual growth.

Therefore, we believe that the best procedure of use for our pyramids is the one proposed by the great mystic and scientist Marcel Vogel after many years of study and with all the technology of that time at his disposal:

Step one: Clean or discharge the quartz pyramid.

1. Take a slow, deep breath while you focus on the pyramid with the intention of cleaning and discharging it of any energy.

2. Then exhale your breath through your nostrils.

Step two: Charging the quartz pyramid.

1. It is best to charge it for love and well-being. First you have to feel this love and well-being within yourself. It helps to remember a real lived experience of love, with a beloved person or even with your pet (for example, the kisses that your puppy gives to you).

2. Take a deep and slow breath while focusing on this feeling of love and well-being.

3. Hold your breath: focalize and concentrate this feeling.

4. Finally, exhale the air by blowing with the intention of injecting this feeling of love and well-being inside the pyramid of quartz.

If you did it correctly, you will feel a vibration, as the body and mind resonate with the quartz pyramid. Some people describe it as almost a sound in their minds, others like a slight vibration in the chest. Most people perceive it in their first attempt, but some with more intensity and some with less.

Once you have done this, you can repeat the second step to charge the quartz with another type of energy or intention different from love. Any target that interests you, you can visualize and then introduce to the quartz using the same method.

For example, if your puppy is sick, visualize it already cured and healthy, even visualize playing with it and then mentally introduce this visualization, with all the feelings that come with it, into the quartz pyramid.

It’s important that you introduce the first programming of love before your other goals, as it is the essential core strength that will make them work. Your will alone is not enough, as Marcel Vogel said:

“Love is the glue of the universe and helps keep matter in form. When I love you, I empower you to bring yourself into a state of wholeness.”

And he also said:

“Our primary responsibility is to love.”

And the last one:

“All healing is a consequence of loving”.

Simple and practical uses:

Although the main reasons to use these pyramids are particular to the beliefs and spirituality of each individual, we also propose several simple and practical uses:

1. For harmonizing spaces, put them wherever you like, further than 12 inches from any electric appliances or wires, because they could interfere with the quartzes’ electromagnetic fields. Always match their four faces to the four compass points.

2. Placed next to a window where the sun comes in, they will act as dispersers of positive energy, warmth, and vitality. You can also leave them under the sun for a few hours to charge them and afterwards put them wherever you like.

3. To sleep more deeply or to fight against insomnia, leave a charged pyramid on the nightstand. It seems incredible, but it works!

4. In meditation sessions, they help to empty the mind and to achieve deeper meditative states. We recommend that at the end of the meditation, you have the intention of introducing the excess of positive energy into the quartz pyramid. The final result depends on the type and the quality of the energy input, as this will be amplified and harmonized. Don’t worry, it’s always good and positive.

5. A meditation that we recommend is to imagine oneself inside of the pyramid, connecting from the base to the apex, from earth to heaven, and feeling as if your spirit was crystalline, like quartz.

Golden Ratio Quartz Pyramid Meditation

Golden Ratio Quartz Pyramid Meditation


The radius of each quartz pyramid has no limits. Some studies have shown that through the imagination and intention, you can change the energy charge of the pyramids even when they are far away. For daily use it is advisable to consider the space or the room where the quartz pyramid is located as its range.

Important: When you use our quartz pyramids in a well-intentioned way, the result will always be positive. Under states of stress or anxiety, we recommend to charge them under the sun and wait for more favorable moods or states of mind.

Thank you for your interest, and enjoy them!